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A Little Hope Makes A Big Difference

Posted in Encouragement, Faith, Overcoming difficulties, and Prayer

In a world of perpetual violence, political agendas and disappointing deals, it’s easy to grow cynical. But I’d rather grow something more positive. Something more powerful.

So, I hope.

I hope my teenage son will continue to sense and seize God’s purpose for his life. That my husband and I will grow old and awestruck together. That my offering of words will draw others closer to Christ.

Because in a world of tragic headlines and disturbing trends, hope still hovers over us.

It is more than a feeling; it is a force. It enables us to rise with the expectation that something wonderful will happen or somehow, we’ll get through the day.

Like a perpetual primer for God’s possibilities, hope gives us holy momentum. It is His gift in the human soul to battle against misery and strife. And if we show up on the battlefield, hope builds in us until it creates grace expectations.

Then we can wait for an opportunity to come. We can encourage someone else as they struggle. We can hold on until a wrong is made right.

What are you hoping for? World peace? Social justice? A fabulous vacation?

When it seems like what I’m waiting for forgot to arrive, I may be tempted to look elsewhere.

But hope stays.

To read more, join me over at I’m excited to sit among a chorus of LifeWriters as the “Find It Only Here On Friday” feature this week!



  1. Hope is a powerful thing. It makes the difference between persevering or giving up. It is tempting to look elsewhere when what we anticipate does not arrive. Hope can give you the courage or power to stay the course.

    June 14, 2017
    • Joy

      Amen – yes it does Sheila! Let’s keep hoping!

      June 15, 2017
  2. Hi Joy, I’m so glad I followed this ‘hope’ image in the linkup. We really do need lots of hope to rise above the rigors of daily life, let alone all the bad news that surrounds us when we tune into the media. Thank you for this reminder!

    By the way, your page is beautiful, so full of hope and joy! I plan to visit often. 🙂
    Hugs and blessings!

    June 15, 2017
    • Joy

      Awwww….thanks Marva! Like you, I’m grateful for hope holding onto us in hectic times. Thanks for stopping by – see you next time! 🙂

      June 15, 2017

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