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Category: Goal-setting

Dream Big and Believe God for What’s Best

Posted in Encouragement, Goal-setting, Home Page, Lessons I've Learned (so far) Series, and Overcoming difficulties

As I attended a mentoring luncheon, one apparently talented, but tearful high school senior approached the microphone. She asked the mentoring panel, “Tell us what to do – those of us who want to pursue the arts. All our parents talk about is how they…

My Summer Reflections on Race, Romance and Reaching Our Potential – Part 3

Posted in Encouragement, Faith, Goal-setting, Home Page, Self-care, and Summer Reflection Series

When my son was small, his feet often stepped on mine. But this summer Ryan’s feet walked through the door to his first job. The hands that once wielded a light saber with precision began to scoop cookie dough. This mother’s heart is both proud…

What Can Happen With A Change of Heart?

Posted in Encouragement, Faith, Goal-setting, Guest Writers, Home Page, and Relationships

Be happy and healthy. Choose your companions wisely. Grow confident in God’s love and commit to His plan. Each statement appears on my wish list for my son. However, sometimes life’s challenges create boy-mama drama in my mind. That’s why I’m excited about Tyra Lane-Kingsland’s new book, Purposeful Parenting – Allowing God…