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Category: Relationships

What Are You Feeding Your Friendships?

Posted in Encouragement, Growing A Friendship Series, Home Page, Lessons I've Learned (so far) Series, and Relationships

I cherish the friendships I’ve had through the years. However, some connections seem to fade over time. Other relationships deepen as we share life experiences because sharing is key to a friendship’s growth. You may be familiar with the saying “something is alive if it…

Why Friendships Benefit from Boundaries

Posted in Decision-making, Lessons I've Learned (so far) Series, Relationships, and Self-care

My friends and I often speak about our need for greater focus. So when I asked one for help with a project, she said, “No.” As she explained her commitments, I knew she was at full capacity. Normally, I’d be disappointed. But this time was…

When Love Becomes Complicated

Posted in Encouragement, Faith, Faithfulness, Lessons I've Learned (so far) Series, Overcoming difficulties, Relationships, and Self-care

When was the last time someone hurt your feelings or made you mad? Sooner or later, we’re all on someone’s list. Our human nature guarantees it. We’re each a work in progress. And in the process, we can be less than sincere and more than…