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Looking for a speaker for your next event?  Here are brief descriptions of Joy’s most recent topics for speaking engagements.  Select one of these topics or submit your requested topic in the Comments Section below.

All Dressed Up With Somewhere to Go –   Having a new hairdo or a new outfit may seem like a must have when we are going somewhere special.  But it’s hard to imagine looking our best when we feel like we have nowhere to go.  Joy shares from the story of Ruth, a woman who was willing to put on a new wardrobe and walk in her God-given destiny.

Friendship MAPS  –  Maturity, aspirations, perspectives, or struggles? Why are your friends your friends?  From her book  Friendship MAPS, Joy shares insights on why we choose our friends and how our friendships can reflect God’s choices.  Where our hearts connect our lives will follow.

Let It Go or It Will Drag YouHolding on to things that are pulling us in the wrong direction is costly.  An unforgiving spirit, unrealistic expectations, and an ungrateful heart can take us further away from experiencing God’s grace.  Joy shares the danger of holding on to the wrong things and the delight of holding on to God’s promises.

Beyond the ShoutWhere is the “yes” in your worship?  Attending a worship service does not mean we are living a life of worship.  Using biblical examples, Joy shares how acts of worship occurred through sacrifice, in sorrow, and by surrender.

You Can Do This! – Chances are we’ve almost done many things.  Some “almost” need to remain in that category but others require a leap of faith.  Sometimes it hard to know the difference.  Joy shares the pathway to moving from almost to actual – even when it’s uncomfortable, looks impossible, or seems unfair.

Thank you for your interest in booking Joy for your next event.  Once you submit the form below you will receive a response within 3 to 5 business days.