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Joy A. Williams Posts

What Can Happen With A Change of Heart?

Posted in Encouragement, Faith, Goal-setting, Guest Writers, Home Page, and Relationships

Be happy and healthy. Choose your companions wisely. Grow confident in God’s love and commit to His plan. Each statement appears on my wish list for my son. However, sometimes life’s challenges create boy-mama drama in my mind. That’s why I’m excited about Tyra Lane-Kingsland’s new book, Purposeful Parenting – Allowing God…

A Little Hope Makes A Big Difference

Posted in Encouragement, Faith, Home Page, Overcoming difficulties, and Prayer

In a world of perpetual violence, political agendas and disappointing deals, it’s easy to grow cynical. But I’d rather grow something more positive. Something more powerful. So, I hope. I hope my teenage son will continue to sense and seize God’s purpose for his life.…

3 Lessons from A Firefighter’s Daughter

Posted in Encouragement, Faith, Home Page, Overcoming difficulties, Prayer, Relationships, and Self-care

My dad wore the smell of smoke like a business suit.  He was a firefighter.  As he battled the flames that threatened people’s lives, he brought the fumes of his heroism home. Before his death two years ago, I asked what made him successful through…