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Crossing at the Light

Posted in Decision-making, and Sidetracked or Sincere?

Crossing at the Light

I was eight years old when I learned about jaywalking.  Even before I knew what it was, the name made me curious.  Was it walking in the formation of the letter J?  Was it walking someone’s dog named Jay?  My third grade mind thought of many things, until I was given the proper explanation.

Apparently, there were numerous injuries and fatalities due to people crossing the street where drivers were not expected to stop.  To prevent these tragedies, a law was enacted to prevent people from crossing the street anywhere else but at the traffic light.

A willingness to try new things

Posted in Decision-making, Encouragement, and Goal-setting

A willingness to try new things…

I’m a creature of habit.  I love routine and a sense of what each day will look like.  However, last week I celebrated another birthday and I realized how much more I am embracing, dare I say — change. Change can drum up feelings of dread if we look at the unknown or unpredictable as threats.  But what if we looked at change through the lens of possibility?  We just might see the promise of reaching our potential instead.

Faith that frees me from perfection

Posted in Affirmation, Encouragement, and Faith

Faith that frees me from perfection…

Each of us has an idea of an ideal moment.  It might be a meaningful conversation, a celebration of a success, or an event that marks a new beginning.   However, when it comes to each of us being perfect that goal can be far more elusive. In many ways aiming for perfection is admirable.  Having high expectations or setting high standards creates the atmosphere for greatness to emerge.  But when what we’ve planned comes short of grand, discouragement can quickly set in.