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It’s not my fault — or is it?

Posted in Overcoming difficulties, and Relationships

It’s not my fault — or is it?

The Women’s Ministry at my church is studying The Emotionally Healthy Woman by Geri Scazzero.  As I accepted the assignment to teach chapter 5 “Quit Blaming” I knew it was a divine set-up.

blame gameFrom a spiritual standpoint, a funny thing happens on the way to deliverance.  We get a good look at the Strong Deliverer, but we also get a good look at ourselves.  As I prepared to teach the class, I saw how my tendency to blame was really self-pity on steroids. 

The Maximum Impact Series, 3 of 3

Posted in Goal-setting, Overcoming difficulties, and The Maximum Impact Series

Let Inspiration Rise!

What are you inspired to do?  Create, educate, entertain, motivate?  Inspiration stirs the godly purpose and passion breathing inside of you and me.  And yet, as we seek to live it out, fear or doubt may try to creep in.  Fear is kryptonite to making maximum positive impact.  It tells us the worst case scenario and taunts us with feelings that our dreams will never come true.   But I want to be brave; not a “fly through the sky with a cape” kind of brave (although I’m okay with that).