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When the lost is found

Posted in Encouragement, and Overcoming difficulties

When the lost is found…

A few months ago I lost my internet connection.  When I called my provider they said the situation needed a technician. But unfortunately a technician would not be available until the next day.  Somewhat annoyed by the delay,  I left home in a huff and ran out to run some errands.  Somewhere between the fit I was having in my head and my hurrying about, I lost my IPad.

In a panic, I retraced my steps.  I activated the Find My IPad app and I sent out a prayer request to anyone I thought would pray.  Weeks passed and there was still no sign of my missing tablet.  Not even a blip on the radar from IPad land.  I released my desire for its return to the Lord.  I knew He knew where it was and He knew if it should and would return to me. 

Not proving our worth — just living it

Posted in Affirmation, and Encouragement

Not proving our worth — just living it… 

Have you ever been asked to prove something?  If you are an attorney or a scientist this task is likely routine.  But for those of us without legal or scientific minds, the art of presenting evidence is a little trickier.

I recently saw the movie Belle.  Based on a true story, Dido Elizabeth Belle is the biracial child of a black slave and an English aristocrat.  Her mother dies and her dutiful father sees to it that Belle is given a life of privilege despite the racial tensions of her times.   Set in 18th century England, Dido is not just torn between two worlds — she is torn between proving her worth or just living it.