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The Maximum Impact Series, 3 of 3

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Let Inspiration Rise!

What are you inspired to do?  Create, educate, entertain, motivate?  Inspiration stirs the godly purpose and passion breathing inside of you and me.  And yet, as we seek to live it out, fear or doubt may try to creep in.  Fear is kryptonite to making maximum positive impact.  It tells us the worst case scenario and taunts us with feelings that our dreams will never come true.   But I want to be brave; not a “fly through the sky with a cape” kind of brave (although I’m okay with that).

The Maximum Impact Series, 2 of 3

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Making an Impact with Grace 

As I rode in a hospital elevator a few weeks ago, a man asked, “How are they doing?”  In an attempt to clear the confusion, I said, “Excuse me.  How is who doing?”  He said, “… the person you are visiting here in the hospital?”  Still somewhat puzzled and now thinking about the visit with my dad, I said, “Oh, he is doing better.  Hopefully, he’ll be discharged in another day or so.”