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Leaving the No-FLY Zone

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A no-fly zone (NFZ) is a territory or an area where air crafts are not permitted to fly. These zones are typically set up for security purposes. The context may be military, commercial or humanitarian. In any case, flight is not allowed so safety or secrecy is maintained.

If you live in an actual NFZ there are unique challenges. You may understand why the policy is in place, but your method of travel is limited.

Geographically, most of us live in “cleared to fly zones.”  But on a personal level, we can have NFZ’s of a different kind. They are the areas of our lives where we are fearful to step out or hesitant to let others in.

its-time-to-fly-isaiah-40Safety or secrecy dictates our every move.

Of course, we should want to be safe and some information needs protection. However, a NFZ is different from a healthy boundary. Boundaries place us firmly within God’s will. But if we dwell in a different “zone,” we’re firmly placed into bondage.

If I’m in a NFZ, the only thing that soars is my desire to control the outcome of a situation or someone else’s actions.

My ability to trust God with my relationships, health, finances or any other area wanes, until my faith walk comes to a halt.

Is there an area of your life where you’re hesitant to trust God? Here are some “no-fly zone” announcements.

“Statistically ____ is not likely to happen.”

“It is too late for you to try that.”

“Remember, the last time you trusted?”

Like an email blast to the soul, these or similar messages tell us,

“Don’t try_____.  What if_____?  or They won’t_____.”

My strength fails if I don’t turn down the volume on such voices.

But I was made for flight. Not the kind that requires someone else to approve my take-off.  My flight plan came from my Creator and yours did too. When we repent of our sin, guilt can’t hold us down. When we cast our cares on the Lord, the weight of worry falls away.

And yet, leaving the “no-fly zone” of a burdened existence can feel like the hardest thing to do. Until we read these instructions:

“But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.
They will soar high on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.” – Isaiah 40:31 NLT

Powerful truth. Guaranteed promises. But it’s a challenging requirement when it’s time to fear not, lean hard or yield completely. These are tough tasks for human frailty. But faith in Christ makes it possible.

its-time-to-fly-isaiah-40 When we say “yes” to Jesus, our “no-fly zone” is lifted.  Then life’s difficulties become opportunities.

To relinquish our fears to Him.

To abandon unhealthy leaning posts.

To surrender our desires to His will.

As we continue in this series, I pray we’ll discover more of His grace and truth. And as we do, I hope you’ll share your insights in the comment section. You could encourage someone else with hope for the heart and joy to the soul.

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  1. Gwendolyn Mathis
    Gwendolyn Mathis

    Awesome!!! This is for me!!! Insecurity has kept me grounded for too long, it’s time to FLY!!!

    October 3, 2016
    • Joy

      Hi Gwen! Yes, it is YOUR time to FLY! Welcome aboard! 🙂

      October 3, 2016

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