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My New Blog

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My new blog…

Hello my name is Joy Williams.  Welcome to my blog!  I look forward to sharing my pondering and epiphanies as I glean from God’s grace and truth.  And on those weeks whenth (84) joy seems a little scarce, I promise I’ll share that too.

But this blogging effort is not just about me because my name is Joy.  This blog is about the journey to joy of the lasting kind and hope for the heart along the way.  It is the kind of joy that settles into a sorrowful heart.  The look of joy that fills a hopeless face.  The sound of joy when we hear some good news.  And the fullness of joy that can only be found in the presence of God.

Anyone with an emotion (or a fruit of the Spirit) for a name may feel the weight of  fulfilling their moniker.  If your name is Hope, Faith, or Rocky you know what I mean.   But because of my faith in Christ, I no longer carry the burden of “finding joy.”   I have the pleasure of unwrapping the gift of abundant life He gives to me each day.  And as I do, I’ll share the treasure trove on this blog.

Consider what brings joy to your soul?  You can check out my list on the About Joy page and I hope you’ll list a few joy-filled moments of your own.   I look forward to seeing you here each week as we discover what brings hope for the heart and joy to the soul.



  1. Tracey

    Love it!!!!

    August 14, 2014
  2. Joy, it was a delight to check my e-mail and see that you now have a blog. I miss our days in MOPS in Little Rock and I miss talking with you. You have always been a Godly, wise, loving and joy-filled woman. Now with your blog I will be blessed to receive some of your spiritual wisdom on a regular basis. Love and Blessings to you and your family!

    August 30, 2014
    • Joy

      Thanks Pam! It’s good to hear from you too!

      September 1, 2014
  3. Cindy

    Ditto on Pam’s note. 🙂 So glad to reconnect with you and follow your new blog! Love & blessings!

    September 6, 2014

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