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3 Lessons from A Firefighter’s Daughter

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My dad wore the smell of smoke like a business suit.  He was a firefighter.  As he battled the flames that threatened people’s lives, he brought the fumes of his heroism home.

Before his death two years ago, I asked what made him successful through 28 years of service.  I wanted to tuck his expertise into my heart.  You see I also fight fires.

Not the blazing from a building kind.

Instead, I fight the circumstances fueling difficulties kind.  You probably have too.  Our circumstances may differ. But it’s likely our challenges share common ground.

Here’s what I mean.

Dad’s first lesson:  Stay low. That’s where the oxygen is.

I needed that.

In the weeks prior to my father’s passing, I struggled to catch my breath.  Grief has a way of suffocating the soul unless we’re properly resuscitated.

Are you breathing?  Particularly, as you think about who’s in your life or who’s not — or why…

To read more, join me over at  I’m honored to be the guest writer on Kia Stephens’ blog this week. Thanks Kia!



  1. Liz

    I loved how in depth this article was…thoughts I certainly wouldn’t have come up with! What a blessing to find you at the #raralinkup !

    June 7, 2017
    • Joy

      Hi Liz! I’m constantly amazed at how God uses our life experiences to reveal who He is. I’m glad this article spoke to your heart. Thanks for stopping by!

      June 7, 2017
  2. Yes I was touched by this article especially the visual of the fireman’s carry. Powerful.

    June 8, 2017
    • Joy

      Thanks Nylse! The Lord is carrying us now!

      June 8, 2017

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